Suicide Hotlines? Who needs ‘em?

The latest soon-to-be casualty to the Bush administration’s attempt to break all useful government programs is 1-800-SUICIDE. Given their track record of scrubbing information oriented to LBGT youth (who happen to be a major at-risk category) from other such sites receiving government money, I think it is clear that we can’t trust the Culture of Life Strife on this one. Imagine that.
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Francis Collins is Confused

I just don’t get it. On one hand, Francis Collins is clearly a bright guy and an established researcher. He headed the Human Genome Project, for cryin’ out loud. He’s an evangelical Christian, which I personally don’t care about one way or the other, as long as his beliefs remain his personal beliefs. An article in the Washington Post, however, has me wondering what he’s thinking.

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SchadenFriday: Ralph Reed

Today’s award goes to Ralph Reed, cherubic ex-leader of the Christian Coalition, who lost his bid to be the Republican nominee for the Lt. Governorship of Georgia this week.

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SchadenFrid…. who the hell is this guy?

Kent, the gift that keeps on giving. Man, is anybody affiliated with Hovind NOT a crook?

SchadenFriday Late Edition: Hovind’s lawyer too?

One of my readers (kewl, I have readers!) informed me that Kent Hovind’s lawyer might also be in a bit of legal trouble. It seems that Glen Stoll of Washington state is in a pickle as well. Stoll is Hovind’s lawyer, and has ownership of the embroiled Dinosaur Adventure Land House of Lies creationist theme park ever since a property dispute involving a lack of building permits.

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SchadenFriday: Render Unto Caesar

Jackass creationist, theme-park owner and professional lunatic Kent Hovind was arrested on 58 federal charges.

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Over at Aetiology, Tara is confused. She somehow thinks that Focus on the Family is actually anti-life.

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Why Pharmacists Should Not Inject Personal Beliefs Into Their Jobs

There is one simple reason why a pharmacist’s personal beliefs should not factor into the dispensing of medication that, to me, takes precedence over all others.
Medications rarely, if ever, have one use. A single medication can be prescribed for a variety of reasons. This causes a problem: a pharmacist might refuse to dispense birth control pills on the religious grounds that the pill prevents conception and therefore prevents life. But what if the pill was not prescribed for prevention of pregnancy?

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And when you’re in your bigger room…

…you might not know what to do
you might have to think of
how you got started
sittin’ in your little room
–The White Stripes

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