Don’t miss the “Politically Incorrect Guide to Darwinism and ID” takedown

The takedown intro has been posted at The Panda’s Thumb. If the server’s down, keep checking in. Over the next week or two, various bloggers will pick apart the different chapters and expose this trash for what it is; a coffee table book for the sycophantic zombies among us. While I predict it will have a very limited audience, that audience consists primarily of so-called “family values” politicians who will buy into this vapid PR campaign.
Yours truly will pick a Chapter apart midway through next week, so check back here around Wednesday. In the meantime, Tara has already trashed one of the worst nonsequiturs I’ve ever seen in my 31 years, and PZ does his usual shellacking of the developmental chapter, which can also be read here. Burt Humberg just put up his takedown of Chapter 1.
Monkeys will bark, much poo will be flung. I swear, this would almost be fun if it weren’t so pathetic.

Francis Collins is Confused

I just don’t get it. On one hand, Francis Collins is clearly a bright guy and an established researcher. He headed the Human Genome Project, for cryin’ out loud. He’s an evangelical Christian, which I personally don’t care about one way or the other, as long as his beliefs remain his personal beliefs. An article in the Washington Post, however, has me wondering what he’s thinking.

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Upcoming Kansas B.O.E. Election

A new website in the fight against the ID movement’s attempted takeover of the Kansas state science standards. Check it out. Nick Matzke has more here.

SchadenFrid…. who the hell is this guy?

Kent, the gift that keeps on giving. Man, is anybody affiliated with Hovind NOT a crook?

SchadenFriday Late Edition: Hovind’s lawyer too?

One of my readers (kewl, I have readers!) informed me that Kent Hovind’s lawyer might also be in a bit of legal trouble. It seems that Glen Stoll of Washington state is in a pickle as well. Stoll is Hovind’s lawyer, and has ownership of the embroiled Dinosaur Adventure Land House of Lies creationist theme park ever since a property dispute involving a lack of building permits.

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From the Archives: Science is not a Popularity Contest

Last weekend there was an article in the Wichita Eagle on the situation with the Kansas BoE. Since creationists can’t get their tripe published in real science journals, but instead have to rely on popularity contests elections in order to pass their shit off as reality to our kids, I thought I’d dig up one of my old posts.

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SchadenFriday: Render Unto Caesar

Jackass creationist, theme-park owner and professional lunatic Kent Hovind was arrested on 58 federal charges.

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A new twist: Dembski should rethink his associations….

PZ recently brought up Ann Coulter’s new book. A couple other Seed bloggers have mentioned Dembski’s association with Coulter, and his pride at having assisted her with writing the evolution chapter of her new pustule book entitled “Godless”. Recent events lead me to wonder whether that was a good idea on his part. But I’m not referring to the asinine nature of her rhetoric….

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And when you’re in your bigger room…

…you might not know what to do
you might have to think of
how you got started
sittin’ in your little room
–The White Stripes

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